2020 Update as of 6/15

  • Registration is NOW OPEN for our upcoming season which begins on JULY 2
  • We are running a combined Summer and Fall season. There are 2 programs to choose from: Summer/Fall Cross Country season for distance athletes and Conditioning program for our Track and Field non-distance athletes
  • If you are new and are unsure if your athlete is distance please choose non-distance. Adjustments will be made once your athlete is evaluated and what their preference may be
  • Online registrations for this program are open. Please see our registration page for full details

We appreciate your continued support and patience during this time!


Irving Fox
Vice President, Track & Cross Country
Hat City Youth Sports

2020 Summer/Fall Upcoming Practice Schedule

DateDayStart TimeLocation
July 2, 2020Thu6:30 pm (Parent meeting at 7)Tarrywile Park
July 3, 2020Fri6:30 pmTarrywile Park
July 7, 2020Tue6:30 pmDHS Track
July 9, 2020Thu6:30 pmTarrywile Park
July 10, 2020Fri6:30 pmDHS Track
July 14, 2020Tue6:30 pmDHS Track
July 16, 2020Thu6:30 pmDHS Track
July 17, 2020Fri6:30 pmTarrywile Park
July 21, 2020Tue6:30 pmDHS Track
July 23, 2020Thu6:30 pmDHS Track
July 24, 2020Fri6:30 pmDHS Track
July 28, 2020tue6:30 pmDHS Track
July 30, 2020Thu6:30 pmDHS Track
July 31, 2020Fri6:30 pmTarrywile Park